If you’ve ever moved into a dirty house, you know why a move-in cleaning service is a must for anyone about to move into a new home or apartment. Instead of pulling up to your new place and wondering what messy mysteries are waiting inside, you can arrive knowing everything is clean and ready for you to make it your own. You’ll never go back to DIY cleaning once you hire professionals for a move-in clean.

So what exactly does a move-in clean entail? Imagine a thorough deep clean of your entire house—top to bottom, every nook and cranny. Professional cleaners will go through many steps to make sure your home is ready to occupy. They’ll wash the walls and baseboards, clean the insides of drawers and cupboards, clean out the appliances, including the refrigerator, scrub the bathrooms, and sanitize all hard surfaces.

Everything that you can imagine needing cleaning in your home will be taken care of. Most cleaning companies will also take requests if you have something outside of the standard tasks that you’d like taken care of. Keep in mind that if you want your carpets or windows cleaned, you’ll need to hire a specialty company to handle those items. But a professional house cleaning company will handle everything else!

Hiring a cleaner before moving into a new home or apartment is well worth it. Here’s a look at five reasons you should consider hiring move-in cleaners for your next move. 

1. Moving Is Stressful Enough

Whether you’re moving next door, across town, or out of state, packing up your entire life and relocating to a new home is stressful. There’s decluttering, change of address calls to make, perishable food to sort through, and more. Imagine going through all of that work to pack, clean your old place, load up the moving truck, and arrive at your new home only to find it covered in someone else’s grime. 

There’s nothing worse. With all of the pressure of moving, hiring professional cleaners to clean your new house is a no-brainer. It will help take off some of the stress and make moving a little bit easier.

2. Professional Cleaners Are Faster

Cleaning an empty home might seem like a quick job. But once you get into the minutia of scrubbing out every single drawer and washing all of the shelves in the fridge, you realize what a time investment it really is. It could take hours or even days to clean the entire place top to bottom on your own.

That’s where professional cleaning companies shine. They can typically get the job done in a few hours so you can move all of your stuff in on time. Most cleaning companies send an entire cleaning team to your house to tackle a move-in clean so they can clean in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it on your own. They also have the skills, tools, and knowledge to clean quickly and thoroughly without damaging any surfaces.

3. It’s Easier to Clean an Empty House

Cleaning a home is much easier when it’s empty. It’s much simpler to wash the walls, dust ceiling fans, and clean the floors if you don’t have to work around a bunch of furniture, boxes, and other clutter. And most occupants don’t thoroughly clean their homes when they move out, so you never know what you’re walking into. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to move into a home where the previous occupants cleaned, there’s still a good chance they didn’t wash the walls and sanitize surfaces. A move-in clean will take care of the deep cleaning before you arrive with all of your stuff so you can rest assured that everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

4. Professional Cleaners Have all the Supplies

One of the hardest things about moving is figuring out what you can box up and what you need to have accessible during the move. Scheduling a move-in cleaning service can make packing easier because you don’t have to worry about packing up your cleaning supplies. 

Go ahead and box up the vacuum. Put away the broom and mop. Professional cleaners have all of the tools and supplies necessary to make your home spotlessly clean, so you don’t have to worry about finding the correct box with all of your cleaning materials. 

5. You’ll Get a Fresh Start

Moving to a new house should mean a fresh start. But it’s hard to start with a clean slate if your new house is a disaster. Clutter is one thing, and there will be clutter with any move. But you can rest easy if you know that what’s underneath the clutter is perfectly clean. 

One huge benefit to a move-in clean is that your house will stay clean longer. It’s easier to keep an already clean house clean. And to top it all off, science tells us that a clean home leads to happier, healthier people. Having your house thoroughly cleaned before you move in can give you a leg up that you need to start fresh with a happier, healthier life and cleaner home.

Call Daisy Maids For Your Next Move-In Cleaning Service

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