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regular maid service options:

  • one time service
  • weekly – once a week
  • bi-weekly – once every two weeks
  • monthly – once a month
  • custom – whatever you want!

save money!

we already have the best prices around, but when you schedule a regular cleaning service, the prices are even better! the more often we come, the more you save. schedule a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly maid service today. fill out the form below to get a quote easily!

less stress & more time

experience the convenience benefits of a regularly cleaned home. you deserve a break and daisy maids offers affordable recurring house cleaning services to make that happen. get a free quote fast!

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monthly house cleaning service

choose whatever day you like, maybe it’s the first of the month of the first monday of each month, we will do the rest! our monthly maid service cost is very affordable and the service is unbeatable!


bi-weekly maid service

every two weeks, we will come and clean your whole home or just the rooms you want! having a clean home is such a anxiety reducing experience. knowing you home will be cleaned twice a month is even better! our bi-weekly maid service cost is very affordable, you actually get a discount on our already low prices when you start a scheduled service!


weekly house cleaning service

experience the joy of a clean home every week at a price that is unbeatable! just pick our weekly cleaning service, tell us the schedule you want and which rooms you want cleaned and we will do the rest!


custom schedule house cleaning service

we already have the best priced maid service and unbeatable service, but now we offer custom cleaning schedules! set it and forget it, we will come regularly on just the days you want and clean whichever rooms you specify. fill out the form or give us a call for a free quote!

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