You may wonder how a recurring cleaning service works and whether or not it’s an affordable choice. This article aims to answer those questions and more. Most cleaning services focus on residential or commercial buildings, but some may serve both. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on residential house cleaning services.

There are some people who enjoy house cleaning, but for the majority of people, it is a chore — literally. Cleaning takes time and energy, and while it is important to keep your home clean, it can be difficult to find the time to stay on top of everything required to maintain a tidy home. 

What Is a Cleaning Service?

With a recurring cleaning service, sometimes called a maid service, professional cleaners routinely visit and provide general cleaning services in high-traffic areas. Each company may provide a slightly different selection of services or frequency, but the majority can be contracted to fit your particular needs or wants. 

This isn’t to say that a recurring cleaning service is a replacement for all household chores. Maids focus on wiping down, dusting, and disinfecting surfaces; sweeping, dusting, and mopping floors; and tidying up bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes, bedrooms. Some may include linen service, but laundry, dishes, caring for pets, and handling biohazard materials are not usually part of the services provided. 

So what are the benefits of a recurring cleaning service? Here are five of the best reasons why you need one for your home.

  1. Reduce Stress

Did you know that clutter has been proven to impact your mental health negatively? Living with clutter affects your anxiety, sleep, productivity, and ability to focus. It can even affect your memory. Since we can’t all be Marie Kondo, it’s a good thing cleaning services can help de-clutter your house and spark more joy in your life. 

Whether you choose a contract for cleanings each week, each month, or some other interval of time, a recurring service can help you stay clear of clutter. It is much easier to maintain organization throughout your home when you have a consistent status of clean to work off of. 

In addition to helping you keep your home tidy, a recurring cleaning service can keep your mind and planner a bit tidier. Once you establish a contract with a cleaning company, you can count on a professional house cleaning without having to worry about scheduling. Less stress for you and more time to focus on what you enjoy. 

  1. Healthier Home

Consistent cleaning with the right approach and products can create a healthier home for you and your loved ones. Even something as common as dust can cause health problems if not taken care of. It is easy to get distracted by day-to-day life and forget the mundane task of dusting or vacuuming, so a consistent cleaning service can help care for dust and other allergens. 

As well as tidying up and dusting, professional cleaners will also properly disinfect surfaces. This can help eliminate and kill illness-causing germs from spreading around your house and getting you and your family sick. A healthy home is definitely a happier home. 

  1. Deeper Cleaning

Even a basic monthly professional cleaning can provide a deeper and more thorough cleaning than what many people can perform on a regular basis. Cleaning companies invest in the best quality tools, equipment, and products. 

Additionally, cleaning companies offer specialized deep cleaning services. If you have a tough job you’ve been avoiding or just feel like your home could use a deeper cleaning than what you can easily take care of yourself, a cleaning service can definitely help. A deep clean can also help maintain daily cleanliness around your house.

  1. Budget-Friendly

There is obviously a cost to a recurring cleaning service, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to afford one. In most cases, cleaning companies offer a variety of choices for a recurring service. You can customize the time interval between visits as well as the services provided with each visit. 

We already mentioned the specialized tools, equipment, and products that cleaning professionals provide, but in addition to being the best for the job, they are also usually quite expensive. Paying a cleaning service means you can use these items in your home without you having to spend money on them yourself, saving you the expense and the hassle of storing it all. 

  1. Proper Care

Professional cleaners also have the experience and know-how to clean efficiently and effectively. There are some materials that require special care and can’t be cleaned with a common all-purpose cleaner. Using the wrong products or tools on certain surfaces like upholstery, wood, carpet, or other furnishings can ruin them entirely and cost you time and money to fix. 

Knowing how to appropriately and effectively clean specific areas of your house, such as hardwood floors, can extend the life of the materials of your home and save you from expensive repairs and replacements. 

Daisy Maids

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