There’s a difference between a basic home cleaning and home sanitization, but sadly, many people don’t know it. 

Just because your home is clean and tidy doesn’t mean it’s free from germs and bacteria, and if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of keeping our homes and families safe from germs.

For the past year, our lives have been consumed with social distancing, mask-wearing, and washing our hands frequently and thoroughly. These measures can go a long way toward slowing the spread of the coronavirus and protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Despite the worldwide efforts in these areas, many people have neglected the need to sanitize and disinfect the place where they spend a lot of their time: their homes. Sanitization in the home has always been a good idea, but in the age of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever. 

Why Sanitize?

Sanitizing is important to keep your home clean and safe for your and your family. COVID-19 is easily spread from person to person through respiratory droplets in the air. This means that any time you leave your house, you could come in contact with viral pathogens and then unknowingly bring them back to your home. The only way to ensure that these harmful germs are eliminated from your living space is to sanitize and disinfect your home regularly. 

The Center for Disease and Control recommends daily cleaning of your home in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, and a more thorough home sanitization if someone in your household gets sick or comes into contact with someone infected with COVID-19. High-touch areas in your home, like doorknobs and light switches, are especially susceptible to transmitting germs. Sanitizing these areas is essential to slowing viral spread and keeping your home and family safe. 

DIY Home Sanitization

You’ll get the best results by hiring professional cleaners to sanitize and disinfect your home, but you can sanitize yourself in-between professional cleanings. Here are some tips for DIY sanitization:

  • Clean high-touch surfaces daily
  • Use disinfectant to clean your home after you have visitors
  • Find and use a disinfectant from this list that is effective against COVID-19, and follow the label instructions
  • Wear gloves while sanitizing
  • Properly ventilate your home while cleaning
  • Increase frequency of sanitization if someone in your household becomes sick
  • Don’t forget to sanitize furniture, electronics (including remote controls), laundy, bedding, and home appliances

Daisy Maids Is Here

At Daisy Maids, we understand the importance of home sanitization. We take every precaution to thoroughly and effectively sanitize and disinfect your home. We wash down all high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, cabinets, appliance handles, and more. We take great pride in our level of detail, and we’ll even leave you with a checklist so you know everything that was done and can rest assured that your home will be free from harmful germs. We offer home cleaning and sanitization services in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas, including Murray, Taylorsville, and West Jordan. Contact us today to get started!