Shockingly, the average person spends almost a whole day – nearly 24 hours – cleaning their home every month. 

According to a recent study by Arm & Hammer, parents spend about an hour every day just trying to keep the house clean. That’s a significant amount of time when you add it all up. The same study reported that 69% of parents felt that time spent cleaning the house detracted from the quality time they could spend with their families. 

House cleaning takes up a significant portion of our lives. Here’s a look into where people spend the most time cleaning and what the most dreaded tasks are.

The Most Time-Consuming Tasks

People naturally spend more time cleaning their homes when they focus on a deep clean, but that doesn’t happen consistently in most households. A study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics looked at the number of time men and women spent completing household tasks. According to that study, the most time consuming daily tasks include:

  • Laundy (women spend an average of 17 minutes per day on laundry)
  • Cleaning the bathroom (29 minutes per day were spent by both men and women cleaning the home’s interior, including bathrooms)
  • Cleaning the kitchen after a meal (men and women spend 13 minutes per day cleaning up after meals)
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing walls and baseboards

Completing each of these tasks once isn’t a big deal, but the frustration stems from how quickly things go back to needing to be cleaned again. It’s the accumulation of completing cleaning tasks day after day that makes housework so tedious and time-consuming. Sweeping your floors, for example, might only take a few minutes. But day after day, it can feel like you’ve spent your whole lifetime sweeping.

The Most Dreaded Tasks

Some of the most time-consuming tasks are also the most dreaded. The bathrooms, and especially cleaning the toilets, is considered by many to be the most dreaded cleaning task, and it’s also one that takes a lot of time. Other tasks, like dusting ceiling fans, don’t take much time at all. Yet, it’s a task that people dread and put off until it can no longer be ignored. 

The more frequently you complete dreaded tasks, like cleaning the bathroom and dusting, the easier they are to do. If there’s less time for dirt and grime to build up, the task is much faster to complete. But still, cleaning more frequently only adds to the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your home. 

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