as a utah home cleaning service we have learned a lot about keeping things clean. here are our top 2 tips for making your house keeping a little easier.
1. declutter-most of us simply have too much stuff. the old adage, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” should not turn into an excuse for never throwing anything away. it is hard to clean the floor when you can’t find it. more than half of our cleaning time is usually spent putting away clutter. if we an learn to put things away in the proper place immediately and throw away things we don’t need or want we save ourselves all kinds of time.

2. do it now-procrastination makes everything harder. food hardens on dishes left in the sink, stains set in fabric or carpet if allowed to dry, dust piles up and then resettles on everything when you do get around to it. if you wait too long you can forget what you were going to do with things you were saving. one batch of laundry is easy to wash, fold and put away. 5 batches becomes an all day chore. don’t let this happen to you!

if you will follow these 2 house cleaning tips from daisy maids your home will always feel clean and it will never feel like a burden.