A move-out cleaning service can be just the thing you need to make your moving process more manageable. You might doubt the benefits of hiring one or feel reluctant to spend the money, but there are multiple reasons why hiring a move-out cleaning service is a great choice that you won’t regret! 

What exactly is a move-out cleaning service? And what are the benefits of using one? That’s what today’s blog is all about. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about move-out cleaning services!

What Is A Move-Out Cleaning Service?

A move-out cleaning service involves a cleaning crew coming to your home to spotlessly clean it before the next tenants/renters move in. 

These cleaning services aren’t your basic, surface-level jobs, either. It involves way more than wiping down your kitchen counter or taking the trash out to the curb. Move-out cleaning services clean the deepest, darkest corners of your home, including your bathroom, baseboards, walls, etc. 

Why Hire A Move-Out Cleaning Service?

You might be thinking, “why should I hire a cleaning service when I can deep clean myself?” If you’re a maid for a living, you might have it under control. 

But even then, you might still hire a cleaning service because you know how time-consuming and exhausting cleaning is. Some things are just better left to the professionals! 

It might not be that big of a deal if you’re just deep cleaning. But deep cleaning while you’re moving is another story. It’s an added stress on top of moving – one of the most stressful things you can go through! 

A move-out cleaning service can take that stress away, especially if you’re renting or leasing. Landlords often have strict cleaning policies for tenants who are moving out. 

While it might seem more straightforward for the next tenant to have the place deep cleaned, getting it cleaned before you move out makes it easier for the landlord to show the place to new tenants. It makes the home more appealing. No one wants to picture themselves living in a house that currently looks dirty!

Check Your Lease Agreement

If you’re leasing/renting your home, check your contract to see if deep cleaning is required. Your landlord might not care and not include cleaning in your lease. But most landlords do – and some require you to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure their standards are met. 

If they require you to hire a professional cleaning service, they should include a list of what must be cleaned. You can provide your cleaning service with this list so that they focus on those areas. 

Meeting those requirements could make or break whether you get your security deposit back after you’ve moved out, so it’s worth paying attention to. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Most cleaning services charge by the job instead of using an hourly rate. This is great for you since you’ll have an estimate of how much it will cost instead of finding out at the end. It prevents sticker shock!

Most cleaning services will determine their cost based on the size of your property (square footage), where you’re located, and what needs to be cleaned. How many people live in your home and whether you have pets can also factor into the cost. 

The estimate is just that – an estimate. The final price might be a little lower or higher, depending on what the cleaners encounter while cleaning. 

How Much Should I Clean?

Many renters or homeowners will panic clean before a cleaning service arrives because they’re self-conscious about how their home looks. It’s a good idea to have your home at a basic level of cleanliness so that you are receiving a deep clean for a relatively maintained area. 

Keep in mind that you could be charged more if your home hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and requires extra time and work.

But you’re hiring a cleaning service to deep clean your home for you. It’s not your responsibility to deep clean your home before the cleaning service arrives. A basic level of cleanliness is all you should worry about.

How Do I Prepare for Cleaners?

You can prepare for cleaners by ensuring that the areas to be cleaned are easily accessible. 

For example, if you need your baseboards cleaned, make sure any furniture or belongings are pushed away from the wall. If you need your walls scrubbed, take down all the decorations you’ve had up. This is a great time to pack them up for your new home!

When the cleaners arrive, you’ll want to walk them through your home so they know where everything is. This will enable them to move around quickly and get the job done. 

What Is Included?

So, when the cleaners arrive, what will they clean? As we mentioned before, you might have a checklist from your lease. Or, you might be on your own. Many maid services offer a standard cleaning checklist if you don’t have one. 

You can also ask your landlord if they have any expectations they didn’t outline in the lease. 

Either way, most move-out cleaning includes:

  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Floors (carpet or hardwood/tile floors)
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets

If you have any questions or specifications, ask your cleaners. Most cleaning services will be willing to add on extra things you need. Just keep in mind that they’ll likely charge you more. 

Daisy Maids

Are you moving out? Do you need a move-out cleaning service to deep clean your home? We understand how crazy and stressful the moving process can be! Let us take some of that stress off your plate by deep cleaning your home! 

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