If you’ve ever wished you could skip the scrubbing and scouring that is a necessary part of cleaning your home or find yourself too busy to stay on top of it all, you might want to consider a recurring cleaning service. Whatever schedule you are looking for, you can find a cleaning service that will fit your budget and needs.

Having a clean and organized house can generate feelings of calm, happiness, and optimism. But what if the process of cleaning spurs up all the opposite emotions inside of you? Well, you’re definitely not alone. That’s why at least 10 percent of American use a recurring cleaning service as often as once a week. 

While you might assume this is a luxury only for the rich and famous, there are affordable cleaning services that can save you time and provide the clean home you’ve always wanted without the work and hassle of doing it yourself. Instead of spending time mopping, you can try that chocolate mousse recipe you’ve been dying to try or make a TikTok to that catchy song everyone is humming all the time. 

Depending on your home, lifestyle, and cleaning needs, a recurring cleaning service can come to your house at regular intervals you determine and take care of the majority of cleaning tasks in your home. Most cleaning services recur weekly or biweekly and cover what is considered to be regular cleaning.

For more thorough or extensive cleaning, you will probably want to request and schedule a deep cleaning service. However, for the cleaning required of most daily living in your house, a weekly or biweekly regular cleaning service can be very beneficial. 

Still not sure if a recurring cleaning service is a good fit? Keep reading for more answers to commonly asked questions. 

What does a recurring cleaning service cover?

Each cleaning service will differ in what services they specifically offer. On average, a recurring cleaning service usually lasts two to three hours and includes 

  • Dusting all surfaces within reach with a stepstool
  • Vacuuming rugs and carpet
  • Sweeping floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  • Wiping down the kitchen counters and appliances
  • Changing the linens

In most cases, recurring cleaning services will charge by the hour or per visit. This may not be the case with all companies. Some cleaning companies offer additional cleaning options such as dusting blinds or organizing a closet that can be added to your recurring service for an additional fee. 

Anything that requires moving furniture, cannot be reached with a step stool, or would be considered a seasonal task is usually not included in regular recurring cleaning service. 

So you still might have to spend some time doing dishes or folding laundry, but with all the rest of the time and energy you save, there will be plenty of time for the things you enjoy—like catching up on the latest season of your favorite true crime series or taking your kids to the park. 

How often will a recurring cleaning service come?

It’s really up to you. Professional cleaning companies offer a range of recurring service plans. You could contract weekly, every other week, or monthly. In most cases, there are available discounts that will save you money if you schedule cleanings more frequently. Some recurring cleaning services will also contract for custom intervals that work with your schedule. 

With a recurring cleaning service, you can negotiate to fit your home’s and lifestyle’s needs. If you have a busy, full household that requires a weekly cleaning top-to-bottom of the chaos or if you pride yourself on your vacuum lines and want cleaners to focus on mopping once a month instead, be sure to communicate your needs and wants to your cleaning service. 

Why should I hire a recurring cleaning service?

Did you know that it’s common to wipe surfaces too soon and prevent them from being adequately disinfected? That’s why hiring professionals who know what they are doing will help you avoid common cleaning mistakes is essential. 

Not only will a recurring cleaning service know what to clean, but they will also know how to clean it. All-purpose cleaners are great and can be helpful in cleaning up most messes. However, it might not be the best choice for the antique side table or the 4K TV in the living room. 

Certain surfaces require unique cleaning solutions or tools and being prepared with every spray, cloth, and scrubber can get expensive. So let the cleaning company take care of the materials they know will work best. 

Daisy Maids offers affordable recurring house cleaning services

Unlike most recurring cleaning services that charge by the hour, Daisy Maids guarantees satisfaction by the job. Choose from any of our recurring services to spend less time on housework and more time on the things you love. 

The professionals at Daisy Maids are licensed and insured and always include a checklist of completed cleaning tasks, so you know exactly what you will get each time they come to your home. With policies in place to protect your home from Covid-19 and damages, the professionals at Daisy Maids will ensure your home is cleaned with quality and accountability. 

Daisy Maids offers more than just recurring cleaning services. Are you looking for a one-time deep cleaning? Moving in or out of a new house or apartment and want to ease the stress of cleaning? Daisy Maids can help with all your cleaning needs. If you’re a first-time customer, you can even get $25 for your first cleaning when you schedule with us.  

Since 2006, Daisy Maids has provided Utah’s best and most affordable professional cleaning services. If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the surrounding areas, including Taylorsville, West Jordan, or Sandy,  contact us today to schedule your cleaning service!