You do not have to be a house cleaning service to know the dirtiest, grimiest, place in the house. But most people over look it. What is it? The door knob! Even if it doesn’t look it.
Some other problem areas would be drawer and cabinet handles, fridge handles, and faucet handles. Chair backs can get dirty from hands pulling them in and out too. And don’t forget your cleaning supplies. Broom handles, bucket and basket handles, and even the spray bottle itself.

Once a month hand a spray bottle to someone in the household (this is a perfect job for an older child) and have them clean all the places listed above with the “spray and wipe method.

Spray on some cleaner, let it sit for a minute or two, and then wipe it off with a clean, dry terry cleaning cloth.

For telephones, electronic switches, TV remote controls and light switches spray the cleaner on the cloth, not the item, then use it to wipe the item clean.

Now look at the formerly white cloth you have been cleaning with and think of all the family colds you have prevented!