The thought of cleaning your home before Thanksgiving might feel like jamming a square peg into a round hole. You’ve got a table to decorate, guests to welcome, and a turkey to roast. But a clean home is essential this time of the year, and here’s why.

Safe Food Is Good Food

Moreso than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Serving good and safe food is at the heart of the day, and that’s hard to do if your house is dirty. Dust and grime accumulate on counters and tabletops quickly, so it’s important to clean all the food prep and eating surfaces thoroughly before the big day. And be sure to sanitize the surfaces in between food prep, especially after the turkey has been prepped. 

It’s also a good idea to pull out all of your serving dishes and wash them with warm, soapy water. These lesser-used dishes probably have a year’s worth of dust on top of them, and you definitely want to avoid serving food with filth as a side dish. 

You Want Your Guests to be Comfortable

If you want to be the hostess with the mostest, cleaning your home before Thanksgiving is a must. You want your guests to feel comfortable in your house, wherever they are. This means making sure your home is clutter-free and sparkly clean. Focus your efforts on areas where guests will be – definitely the kitchen and bathrooms, and guest rooms if they’ll be sticking around for more than just the meal.

It’s Easier to Identify Spills

Removing a juice spill from your carpet isn’t too difficult if you catch it right away, but if it’s allowed to soak in and dry then you’ll have to put some serious time and elbow great into it. Even then, there’s a chance it won’t come out. Cleaning your house thoroughly before the big meal will make it easier to identify spills and clean them up quickly. 

Start the Holidays Off Right

The weeks from Halloween night to New Years Day are jam-packed with parties, food, guests, and fun. And nobody wants to take time away from the festivities to clean their house. That’s why cleaning thoroughly before Thanksgiving is essential. Starting off the holiday season with a clean home will make it easier to spot clean and keep things tidy until the parties are over and the guests have all gone home. 

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