Cleaning seems like a simple and straightforward process – until you actually attempt to clean your home, that is. 

Where do you start? What supplies do you need? It can all seem very overwhelming. Despite that, there is a proper way to clean your house. Here’s how. 

Make a Plan

Not everyone likes to do things the same way. Some might prefer cleaning one room at a time, while others choose to do all the dusting in every room at once. Find the way you like to clean your home and make a plan around that. 

It’s also important to consider how much time you have to clean. If you’ve got a full day you can dedicate to a deep clean, that would look much different than a 20-minute speed clean before guests arrive. 

Finally, make sure you have a stock of cleaning supplies in each room. Keep cleaning solution and rags under each bathroom sink, and some in the bathroom. This will save you valuable time that you’d otherwise be spending running cleaning supplies from room to room.

Always Clean Top to Bottom

It’s the golden rule of cleaning, really. Wherever you’re cleaning, always start at the top. Cleaning floors first hardly makes sense when you’ll be brushing dust and crumbs onto them when you wipe down the countertops. Start with high cupboards and walls and work your way downward. The same rule applies to cleaning blinds, refrigerators, mirrors, and just about anything else you can think of. Top to bottom every time. 

Put the Vacuum to Use

Your vacuum is great for cleaning the floors, but those handy attachments have a lot of other uses that many people don’t think about. The upholstery brush can work wonders on cleaning rugs and upholstered furniture without using water. And the narrow plastic attachment will be your new best friend. Use it in these ways (and more) and you’ll never take it for granted again:

  • Vacuum out the bottom of your refrigerator before wiping it down.
  • Suck up all the crumbs, dirt, and hair in the drawers in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Remove all the excess lint inside your dryer.
  • Clean out silverware trays.
  • Get rid of dead flies and other dirt and grime in the window tracks.
  • Remove dust from floor, ceiling, and wall vents.

A Little Bit Every Day

Cleaning is so much easier when you do a little bit every day. Neglecting things for too long can easily become discouraging and make you not want to start at all because it seems like such a big task. Spend a little bit of time each night “putting the house to bed”. Empty the sink and start the dishwasher if it needs it. Pick up everything off the ground. Fold and put away any clean laundry. Put things back in their place. Then turn off the lights and lock the doors. The next day will go much smoother when you wake up to a tidy house. 

Call Daisy Maids

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